Reflective entry: Reflective assessment

Each week you are expected to write a reflective entry (2-3 paragraphs, max 400 words). This will be done in your own time. The reflective assessment is intended to help you consider, reflect upon, and learn from previous week’s lectures or the topic that your lecturer sets.


It is very important that you use proper grammar and language in your reflections. You can use the questions below as a diving board to leap from a murky pool into a clear pool of thought but do not simply answer one of the below questions – that is not what we are looking for.


Reflections should be snapshots filled with sights, sounds, smells, concerns, insights, doubts, fears, and critical questions about issues, people, and, most importantly, yourself.

A reflection is not a work log of tasks, events, times and dates.

Use complete sentences to express your thoughts. Make sure to include specific examples that support your reflection. Feel free to link to relevant videos, or websites that add to your reflection but referencing is not essential but may be helpful to your tutor for background.


Directions your Reflection could go in:


What was most memorable or stands out in your mind about class this week?

What was the most surprising and/or unexpected idea expressed in this week’s discussion?

For you, what interesting questions remain unanswered about this week’s topic(s)?


In your opinion, what was the most useful idea discussed in class this week?

What example or illustration cited in this week’s class could you relate to the most?


What did you perceive to be the major purpose or objective of this week’s class?

What do you think was the most important point or central concept communicated during this week’s presentation?

Conceptual Connections:

What relationship did you see between this week’s topic and other topics previously covered in this lecture class?

What was discussed in class this week that seemed to connect with what you are learning or have learned in other course(s)?

 Final Piece of Advice:

A great reflection attempt will be have great personal depth, be relevant and extremely well written and structured.

Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart and reference personal experience or childhood dreams and memories.


  Not Attempted 0.00 F 30.00 P 60.00 CR 70.00  D 80.00 HD 100.00
Depth %50 No attempt.


The answer is copied or substantially copied from materials or other sources

Poor quality of reflection. No real personal reflection. Some personal reflection. Decent level of personal reflection. Substantial level of personal reflection. Extensive personal reflection.
Quality %30 No attempt.


Poorly written

Poorly written, poor sentence structure, low word count Satisfactorily written, satisfactorily sentence structure. Well written, satisfactory sentence structure. Very well written, good sentence structure. Exceptionally well written, excellent sentence and paragraph structure.
Relevance %20 No attempt.

Or wrong topic

Limited relevance to the topic. Satisfactory relevance to the topic. Relevant to the topic and developed thought process. Relevant to the topic and expanded thought process. Relevant to the topic and expended thought process with supporting examples.


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