Reflection of Vygotsky’s theory

Refer to the grading rubric posted in the Baby project module for  grading details.  Your goal is to apply the theories and concepts listed  on the rubric to make a cohesive story of your child’s life from birth  through age 18.

You are expected to incorporate the information you created for the  individual stage assignments throughout the semester.  But you also have  to add a specific introduction and conclusion based on the rubric.  You  also need to discuss some other cognitive and social/emotional concepts  that you did not address in the earlier assignments.  And in many  cases, you need to provide more detail in the examples you turned in  previously.

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Reflection of Vygotsky’s theory
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You can be as creative as you would like to be.  For example, you can  choose to provide a generic approach or pretend you are the parent, or  psychologist working with this family. Most students organize the paper  by the stages, then discuss all relevant concepts within those ages.   But you may choose to organize your paper in a topical way:  Piaget,  etc.   You may also insert photos or clip art if you wish.

Whichever way you decide to organize your paper, be sure to clearly  identify theories and the examples connected to them.  Since I am not a  mind reader, if you don’t clearly state that what you are discussing is  intended to be a reflection of Vygotsky’s theory, I won’t have any way  to know that.  You can put section and subsection headers or use bold or  italics or parentheses to highlight the theorist name or concepts you  are using.

It is expected that your final paper will be about 6-10 pages but it  is no problem if it is longer.  If it is much shorter than 6 pages, it  would be likely to be missing some elements but the key is to cover all  of the rubric sections in detail and with clear examples.

Below is a section of a sample paper that illustrates one way to  approach the discussion/application of the stages:  *** Be aware that  your paper also requires Bronfenbrenner’s theory****

See attached information that will also be needed to help with paper.

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