Red Kites Assignment – Reflective Statement

This reflective statement replaces the requirement for you to make an individual presentation to me in May.

For the avoidance of doubt, as a presentation to me is going to be impossible without meeting face to face, then due to the current COVID lockdown you will not be making a presentation to me describing your report. Instead you will submit a reflective statement via Turnitin, as below, along with the assignment and at the same time. of doubt.

Reflective Statement (Maximum 500 words).

Statement Brief:

Explain the challenges and successes you have had in preparing the marketing plan for Red Kites.

How did you make use of your knowledge of insurance markets and products to help you critically appraise the suitability of insurance products and services for your targeted segments?

Were you able to evaluate different distribution strategies, how your selected product(s) could be delivered and any legal aspects during the process?

Do you think the assignment and the process of segmentation and product selection helped you gain a better appreciation of the structure of the UK insurance market?

Think about the aspects you have found most rewarding in developing the marketing plan. What would you do differently if you had to do a similar exercise in real employment?