Racial Inequality

Introduction: Write an introduction (1-2 pages) that sets up the problem being studied. This should involve a clear statement of the problem and why it is interesting and important to your intended audience (e.g. legislates an important theoretical debate, has policy and/or social significance, etc.).
Literature Review: Write a literature review (5-10 pages) that critically interprets, summarizes, and integrates prior research related to your research topic. It should take the form of a standard critical literature review (see examples in the research you review).
You should focus your literature review on the most relevant literature to the theoretical, substantive, and methodological rationale for your research question(s) and/or hypotheses. You will know that you are getting a grasp of the literature when you recognize citations, concepts, and theoretical perspectives without having to look them up.
It is also likely that, at this point in the project, you will have further refined your research question and/or developed specific hypotheses. These should be justified by and stated at the end of the literature review. In other words, the literature review should not simply review the literature related to your general topic, but it should ultimately justify your research question(s) and/or specific hypotheses.

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Racial Inequality
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