Quotations for Compensation Events

After discussing with the Consultant different ways of dealing with the compensation event which

are practicable, the Employer may instruct the Consultant to submit alternative quotations. The Consultant submits the required quotations to the Employer and may submit quotations for other methods of dealing with the compensation event which he considers practicable.

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Quotations for Compensation Events
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Quotations for compensation events comprise proposed changes to the Prices and any delay to the Completion Date and Key Dates assessed by the Consultant. The Consultant submits details of his assessment with each quotation. If the programme for remaining work is altered by the compensation event, the Consultant includes the alterations to the Accepted Programme in his quotation.


The Consultant submits quotations within two weeks of being instructed to do so by the Employer. The Employer replies within two weeks of the submission. His reply is

 an instruction to submit a revised quotation,  an acceptance of a quotation,  a notification that a proposed instruction will not be given or a proposed changed

decision will not be made or  a notification that he will be making his own assessment.

The Employer instructs the Consultant to submit a revised quotation only after explaining his reasons for doing so to the Consultant. The Consultant submits the revised quotation within three weeks of being instructed to do so.

The Employer extends the time allowed for

 the Consultant to submit quotations for a compensation event and  the Employer to reply to a quotation

if the Employer and the Consultant agree to the extension before the submission or reply is due. The Employer notifies the extension that has been agreed to the Consultant.

If the Employer does not reply to a quotation within the time allowed, the Consultant may notify the Employer to this effect. If the Consultant submitted more than one quotation for the compensation event, he states in his notification which quotation he proposes is to be accepted. If the Employer does not reply to the notification within two weeks and, unless the quotation is for a proposed instruction or a proposed changed decision, the Consultant’s notification is treated as acceptance of the quotation by the Employer.