Quantitative Data Paper

You will conduct a verbal survey asking three separate, but related questions.
(Please make the questions related to physical activity.)
The first will be age. Then, you will devise the other two questions yourself. Each of the two
questions must be conducive to quantitative interval data. You must collect data for all three
questions from at least 50 people. An example might be “How many times have you eaten pizza
within the past month?” “How do you feel about Chicago style pizza? (Strongly Agree to
Strongly Disagree)” Keep in mind that you should ask the questions in the same manner across
all participants. If you are asked follow-up questions from participants, you may answer them. If
anyone refuses to answer your questions, please move on to the next person.
Your assignment will be to analyze the data by calculating the mean and standard deviation for
each of the three questions. In addition, you will calculate the Pearson r correlation coefficient
relating the data sets as follows:
● Age and response to Q1
● Age and response to Q2
● Response to Q1 and response to Q2
Next, you will use the t-test technique to explore the differences between two age groups. Is
there a significant difference between younger participants and older participants on Q1 or on
Q2? You will define young versus old by the mean. Anyone younger than the mean is younger
and anyone older than the mean is older.
The video tutorial for the assignment is linked here with the excel spreadsheet instructions
included: http://screencast.com/t/WgWscEJfZcu
Additionally, you will write a paper with a literature review including at least 5 peer-reviewed
studies, a methodology section, a data analysis section, conclusions you might generate based
on your findings, and any validity threats.
An in-depth summary of a quantitative data collection project in which you will ask quantitative
questions to at least 50 people and then you will analyze your data using inferential statistics.
You will write a paper that includes the following:
• a five-source literature review
• a description of the data collection methods
• an analysis of the results, including at least one data table
• an analysis of the study’s limitations/validity threats

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