Quality of Finance and Information System Laboratory in Universities

Quality of Finance and Information System Laboratory in Universities
Domain 1—Leadership and Management- First a new lab must provide a clear description of the curriculum technology design before implementing it. Faculty and support
staff get a training certification in professional financial tools like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuter. Support staff must be responsible to take care of a lab and check
computers and other equipment for repair. Also, they manage to pay $1,900 per month for that and also including the license fees. Scholarship, finance and accounting
course fees, alumni and donation are types of grants for a new lab. Show how do you plan to implement the new business lab and have a depth of understanding on how
much it will have to change from the currently status to the new lab. – Ie. Moving the currently lab to new lab (how much it will take to prepare the moving? Or how
much grants/funding do we have to get in order to have the desired lab).
Domain 2—Public Policy Process- Professional financial software like Bloomberg and Thomson can help students understand the finance, accounting, and information system
through using on-hands training. It is easier to learn better and help students prepare to get into jobs. Through the donation, finance course fees, and scholarship,
manage to channel to run the business lab operation. Establish a method of policy procedures- Like what program should be running and why this program should be run at
Gallaudet. Using the endowment fund to give an example of how should funding should be channeled to sustain the Business lab program.
Domain 3—Critical Thinking and Decision-Making- First when I identified some problems relevant to current computer labs, I tried to think on how to develop good
designs in labs for student’s success. The DeafSpace principles provide clear description of good design for students’ better accommodation. Show how critical the
Business lab for student’s success. Using DeafSpace as a way to analyze the importance on how should the Lab be designed to accommodate students better.
Domain 4—Public Service Advocacy- A new Business lab can support students’ experiences in training relating to a technology. Students’ job prospect after they
graduate. How far will they be able to get a job? To find a job is an advocacy of yours.
Domain 5—Communication- show how the communication channel should be.-Chair person to IT staff or Office of Development… Using Executive Communication skills.

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Quality of Finance and Information System Laboratory in Universities
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