Qualitative research critique

Qualitative research critique
2. Research Problem
Chapter 4 in P&B- Research question formulation
Use the information in chapter 4 to critique the research problem etc for your chosen article
3. Literature Review
Chapter 5 in P&B – Critique the literature review of your chosen article using the information from chapter 5
4. Critique of Theoretical Framework
Chapter 6 in P&B- Theoretical Frameworks in Nursing Research
Critique the theoretical framework of your chosen study using the guidelines in Chapter 6.
5. Critique of Design
Chapter – in P & B- Qualitative designs
6. Sampling Critique
Chapter 12 in P & B- Sampling
Critique the sample methodology and sample of your article
7. Critique of measurement and rigor
Chapter 10, 13, 14 and 15 in P&B- Measurement and quality of data
Critique your article using the information from these chapters. Not all the critique factors may apply to your study.
8. Critique of statistics and interpretation
Chapter 15-19 in P&B- Statistical analysis
Critique the data analysis and interpretation found in your article using the
relevant information from the assigned chapters.

Both of these ebooks have the chapters to help.

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Qualitative research critique
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