Public Relations: Public Policy

Building upon the requirements of the previous speeches, speech three will be a Persuasive Speech on a public policy or an injustice that you would like to see resolved as well as win support for the solution you present. This speech will focus on argument and reasoning in oral presentations. You will be expected to advance formal claims/arguments, support your position with evidence and demonstrate the reasons you consider the claims credible. The purpose of this speech is for the student to successfully demonstrate their knowledge of the key aspects of persuasive speaking through the use of a persuasive design, research and logical arguments. This persuasive speech will be 8-9 minutes in length. The evidence, proofs and support for your position should be both documented in your outline as well as in your actual speech presented before the class (5 sources must be cited/documented for this speech). Please be sure to Highlight or Underline each of these five (5) sources in your Full Sentence Outline (using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Speech pattern). These sources should also be attached to your Full Sentence Outline on a separate page in an APA bibliography format. Each student will be cross-examined by the class following the speech.

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