Public-Private Partnership and Education

1- Public-Private Partnership and Education

Public Private Partnership and impact on Education

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Public-Private Partnership and Education
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Reflect on the following:

What are the issues discussed in the video?

How do private enterprises develop these alliances?

How are parents involved?

Who benefits from the partnerships?



2 Social enterprise and PPP

In this video clip the panel discuss how partnerships bring added value to the solution of social values. They discuss how philanthropy can fit in the world of education.

How did they establish this?

What are the reasons for caring about education?

How do they define good leadership?

List five key issues they discuss that are successful for introducing private philanthropy?


3 Flipping the Question

Here is an innovative idea from education.  Instead of asking business to help education there is paradigm shift? What did they take to the business world to initiate a partnership? Watch this short video? Do you see this working in your context? How can this be initiated?


 4 Reforming Myanmar Higher Education through partnerships

In the video clip, the speakers discuss reform ideas for higher education in Myanmar. Make notes on how this partnership was developed through the universities.

Make a list of the focus areas for the cohort involved. What do they hope to achieve?


5 The Internalisation of Higher Education

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK talks about the partnerships in the education sector with a focus on higher education. What key issues does he address? If you were a Director of Education in your country, what do you think would be the benefits of such partnerships? What could be potential pitfalls? Listen to Tony Blair speak: