Public Health Role of the Midwife

Identify a maternal complex social need within the childbirth continuum that
may affect health outcomes for a woman.
1. Introduction to the assignment.
Introduce the topic that will be addressed and include a definition of Public Health,
with strengths and limitations of the definition identified. Summarise what the essay
will address (you may find it useful to revisit this section whilst writing your
essay to edit as required and to ensure all areas have been addressed).
2. Provide a rationale for your choice of the maternal complex social need.
Why is this topic relevant to Public Health and what specific issues do this group of
women face during pregnancy and childbirth. What are the statistics related to this
complex need and the severity of the problem faced in the UK or locally. Try to use
data that is relevant to your clinical practice.
3. Examine the evidence base related to this complex social need.
Select relevant research surrounding your complex social need and pregnancy
which are related to outcomes.
A. Try to find research papers that explore the same outcomes so that you
can compare and contrast the evidence rather than individual papers
that look at completely different outcomes.
B. You might highlight 2 issues that you want to address which means that
you require at least 2 papers per topic so that you can form a discussion
(rather than description) around the chosen issues.
C. All research needs to be viewed within the context of the strengths of
the methods used therefore, reading around how to critique research is
important and to include these references in your essay.
4. Discuss the midwife’s role in the care of the client who presents with the
complex social need
This section should be supported by relevant midwifery references so that the role of
the midwife is discussed rather than simply identifying what a ‘midwife must do’.
This section should also include discussion of the potential positive or negative
• Summarise the key points
• Include key references
Conclusions well developed and show some originality.
They form an integrated part of the overall argument
and/or discussion, reflecting a strong grasp of theory
and/or evidence and/or literature and appropriate forms
of conceptualisation.
impact on the clients’ health outcomes within the context of midwifery care (approx.
1,000 words).
5. Provide recommendations for practice/research.
Based on the evidence provided from your discussion.
6. Conclusion
This section should provide a summary of the key points raised within your essay
starting from your introduction and working your way through the essay (not a repeat
of the whole essay). Each key point should be supported by the relevant key
reference[s] and should demonstrate a conclusion to your arguments. The reader
should be able to get a sense of your whole essay by reading this section.
7. Harvard style reference list.
It is worth spending time completing this whilst writing your essay, rather than at the
end to ensure no references are omitted. If you have had issues with this section,
please seek support from academic services. References should demonstrate a
depth and breadth of reading on your part, rather than just the references provided
for you as part of the module.

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