PTSD in Forensic and Law Enforcement

Research Paper (100 points):
Your final research paper will present the project as a whole. More specifically, this paper should provide the full scope of your project: both the problem and the solutions. You will be using the research you have done for the annotated bibliography to back up your points. We’ve already taken time to write about the problem you have identified, so now it is time to present the solutions in greater detail. Remember, your solutions aren’t simply based on your opinions. Instead, your solutions will be backed up with research and examples that will help prove their validity.
What you will need to do:
Introduction (~1 page):
Lead in
Introduction to topic
Thesis/forecasting statement
Presentation of the Problem (4-5 pages):
What is the problem and why? Prove to me that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
Remember to use portions from your prospectus.
Presentation of the 3 part Solution (4-5 Pages):
Present the solution to your issue in at least 3 different parts. Remember, you want to come up
with solutions that are feasible and not entirely unrealistic. Be sure to back your solutions up
with research – where has this worked in other sectors, countries, or situations? Use previous
examples you find in research to open up potential solutions.
Conclusion (~1 page):
Wrap up your paper and address the “so what?” and “what now?” of the paper. Be sure to include
a call to action. Remember, you don’t want to introduce new information, but you do want to
bring in new perspective.
You must have a good, creative title that suites your paper topic.
Your final paper must be 7-11 pages in length (not including references).
All research and sources MUST be cited in MLA format. You must include a complete and correctly formatted Works Cited page. You must maintain an appropriate academic tone/voice (avoid first person, contractions, and you/we
Needs to be organized in a coherent and easy to understand fashion.
Must have correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. Revise, revise, revise.
Must include 8-10 sources.

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PTSD in Forensic and Law Enforcement
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