Psychology Assignment, Sleeping Problems In Students

Use 2 attached articles (1. News article: School Year Means Sleep Challenges for Kids of All Ages) and (2. Research article: Sleep problems in university students – an intervention) for this assignment.

Follow these Instructions:

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Psychology Assignment, Sleeping Problems In Students
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1.  Write an essay (between 600-700 words) that:



2.  Describes these psychology topics (The Sleep and Waking cycle, Biological Rhythms and Sleep, The Nature of Consciousness) in enough detail that you can draw conclusions about the topic

3.  Summarizes the contents of both attached articles (news article and research article)

4.  Compares and contrasts the two articles in terms of content, style, and purpose

5.  Critically examines whether the news article accurately described the topic

6.  Includes in-text citations and an APA formatted reference list

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