Psychographic profiling as a business tool

TASK: The research project executes the action research outlined in the research proposal. The report has two essential components i.e. a research report and reflective statement. The aim of the research report is to execute research into current Entrepreneurial and Innovation practices with a focus on the creation of a Blue Ocean offering that entrepreneurs face in their professional environment. This part must include primary evidence-based proposed business solutions and recommendations that address or mitigate the identified problem. The action research report must include a reflective statement to demonstrate and evidence the reflective understanding and self-evaluation of the student focusing on personal transition throughout action research, for instance at the beginning of the project, mid-way through the project and at the end of the project. This reflective statement should be supported with a digital portfolio of evidence in support of student’s submission. The word count for the combined report is 6000 words (+/- 10%).

Independent Learning: This is an assessment that requires independent learning. This means that you are expected to research autonomously and with peers in order to make decisions e.g. it is up to you to research the various available theories and apply appropriate theory. Prior to submitting your work, please ensure that you have self-checked covering the objectives and requirements of this assessment.