Pros and Cons of Open Source Applications


A.      Introduction of Open Source Software definition

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Pros and Cons of Open Source Applications
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B.      Overview of benefits

C.       Topic sentence/thesis statement

Part 1

A.      Overview

1.        History

B.      Comparison Paid vs Open Source

1.       Paid

2.       Open Source

C.       Application Support Paid vs Open Source

1.       Paid

2.       Open Source

Part 2

A.      Types of Open Source Software

1.       Free Software

2.       Open Source

B.      Licensed vs Non-licensed

1.       Licensed

2.       Non-Licensed

C.       Certifications

1.       Global Desktop Project

2.       UNU/IIST

Part 3

A.      Users

1.       Example of users involved around Open Source Software

B.      Advantages and Disadvantages

1.       Examples

C.       Development Tools

1.       Examples

D.      Organizations

1.       Examples

E.      Funding

1.       Where is funding coming from?

Part 4

A.      Introduction List of widely used applications

B.      World-Impact of below-mentioned software

a.       Describe Chromium

i.      History and use

b.       Describe Apache HTTP Server

i.      History and use

c.       Describe GNU/Linux

i.      History and use


A.      Restate topic

B.      Summarize three main points

C.       Revisit introduction or tie all ideas together

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