Propose a solution to a food issue

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to propose a solution to a food issue you’ve researched that can be implemented somewhat easily and will, ideally, help alleviate or solve the problem. You should stick to specific, actionable, steps but think of telling the reader a story about your issue. Who is involved? What will happen? How would you like to see this story end or achieve some resolution?

Instructions: In an MLA-formatted, traditional essay, you will need to:

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Propose a solution to a food issue
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Introduce the problem. What is it, and why does it need to be solved? State your thesis: it should be, simply, the solution to the problem in one or two sentences. You may wish to incorporate outside source information to support the argument that a problem exists, but don’t overdo it in this section of the paper.
Make the reader care. Why does this problem even matter? Who does it impact? What types of rhetorical strategies can you use here to engage the reader and make them want to implement the solution?
Outline the solution. In well-developed and organized body paragraphs, be clear and explain your solution in simple terms that anyone can understand. Cite evidence for the solution. You should include your first-hand research from your field notes and at least two more secondary sources to support your argument for this particular solution. You may offer examples of solutions that have worked elsewhere or be completely original—in which case your argument will rely more on your own logic and reasoning.
Summarize with a conclusion that describes the next steps that must take place. Help the reader see how the solution can help others or even them. You might use this as an inspiring call to action, a warning, or a combination of strategies to end with impact.

Formatting: 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with title, name, course name, and date in top left corner. Include a works cited page after reaching word count.

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