Propaganda Devices

Propaganda Worksheet
1. publicity to promote something: information or publicity put out by an organization or government to
spread and promote a policy, idea, doctrine, or cause
2. misleading publicity: deceptive or distorted information that is systematically spread
Propaganda: The teachings spread by an individual or organizations are called
propaganda. The word propaganda often has negative connotations; it often suggests
wily and deceitful means of swaying people’s minds. Propaganda may be used for
purposes of which we approve as well as for ones of which we disapprove. Public service
announcements are an example of positive propaganda; there is a genuine concern for
the welfare of others and the good of society. If the propagandist seeks no personal
advantage, the propaganda may be harmless, and even valuable.
Propaganda Devices
Loaded wordsi
Propaganda Exercises: Submit your answers as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf
1. Select an effective persuasive speaker—local or national, living or dead—and analyze
him or her in terms of how the person creates an effective ethical proof by means of
character, reputation, appearance, pleasing personality, self-confidence, sincerity,
competence, benevolence toward the audience, etc… In a brief paragraph, describe
that person and their persuasive qualities. Why is he or she so persuasive?
2. Report on a TV or radio commercial that contains a testimonial or celebrity
endorsement. What product is being promoted? How is the product being
promoted? In a brief paragraph, describe the commercial, and answer the following
questions: Is the celebrity an authority on the subject? Is the celebrity unbiased? Is
the celebrity reliable? Why or why not? How effective is the commercial?
3. List 5 slogans from advertisements, commercials or political campaigns (past or
present). What makes a slogan an effective device for influencing thinking and
action? Choose your favorite slogan from the list and analyze it in a brief paragraph.
Why is that slogan so effective?

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Propaganda Devices
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