Project Planning and Control

  1. At the time of preparing the proposal for your project, your GPS supplier had promised delivery of the devices on a particular date and you had accordingly prepared your project schedule. Unfortunately due to some problems faced by the manufacturer in their factory, your supplier has just informed you that the delivery of your smart devices will be delayed by about 3 weeks. This means the delivery date for the smart devices will be delayed by 3 weeks from the date of order placement.


  1. In the Steering Committee meeting that was held last week, the Project Sponsor was surprised and unhappy to find out that the company’s web site when implemented will have no provision to enable customers to provide feedback on the services they received from the company while fulfilling their rental requirements. He has asked for this functionality to be incorporated into the web site and is prepared to sign off the scope change request.


  1. One of your Business Analyst who was earmarked to gather requirements for the Rental Car Management system has suddenly met with an accident and the doctor treating him has advised that he will not be in a position to resume work for the next 8 weeks. There is no one available within the organisation to immediately take his place and therefore you are forced to look for an equally competent contract staff as his replacement. The contract staff is expected to cost the project double the rate of your Business Analyst. Also it will take you a week to find this equally competent Business Analyst from the date of start of your project, which is 24th Sep 2018.




For each of the above changes, create an Impact Analysis (see an example on Moodle), and then revise your Gantt chart to incorporate the above changes.Where appropriate, these must also be mentioned in your two-weekly Status Report.


Each of these changes could impact either the time line and/or the budget. The impacts to both time line and budget should be reflected in the Gantt chart.


It is recommended that you do each report and the changes in sequence, so that you can comment on the progressive impact in each case.However, we only need the final Gantt chart delivered in Part-C.



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