Project Communication Management Plan

Project Communication Management Plan

Scenario 1: Software update


You work for a small shipping company and warehouse. The owners have decided to update the software used for tracking, shipping, receiving, and inventory. Fifteen computers need to be updated. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Each computer must be updated manually by one of two trained employees, both of whom must be borrowed from other managers. The update procedure consumes 4 hours of the updater’s time and generates an additional 1.5 hours of computer downtime. The work must be performed at a central loading station, away from the current location of the computer.

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Project Communication Management Plan
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Scenario 2: Smartphones for upper management


Your company currently provides all executives with Internet-enabled smartphones. To save money, your company has decided to expand the smartphone program to all employees who currently have a company cell phone and laptop. Ten senior managers expect to be priority recipients of the new technology, 100 employees currently have a company laptop and cell phone, and 15 employees have not yet been assigned company equipment. Funding will be approved if the initiative will save money in the long-term.



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