Profile Article of a Dancer

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

I have chose profile 1: pp 85-87 “Profile Article of a Dancer” which i attached the pictuers of the book please answer all the questions. as well i upload document the questions that you have to answer.

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Profile Article of a Dancer
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Understanding a profile article

1. Which profile did you read?2. How did the writer of the profile establish a perspective for the readers? What type of opening does the writer use? The writer might use a combination of these. You can highlight them below and provide an example of those you chose. a. Sets the scene (the stage for the subject’s entrance)b. Tells an anecdote (revealing story)c. Uses a quotation (revealing statement)d. Describes the subject doing somethinge. Describes a procedure (subject’s expertise)f. States the key themeg. Makes an observation about the subject 3. Read the article and identify different topics. a. Topics: 4. What is the writer’s purpose in profiling this particular person? Who is the audience? 5. Why is this person being profiled at this particular time?

6. Read the article again and note examples for each of the following: a. Physical descriptionb. Biographical backgroundc. Observed actions and proceduresd. Revealing incidents or anecdotese. Direct quotesf. Things other people have saidg. Other (specify7. How does the closing of the article relate to the rest of the content?8. What is your impression about the person? What helps create that impression? Provide examples for each element below.a. Description: What types of information help the audience “See” the person?b. Quotes: What helps the audience “Hear” the person’s voice c. Anecdotes: What stories help reveal something about the subject’s character?d. Other (specify):