How Processes Work in Windows 10 Operating System

In class you have (or will) examine the theory behind the design of operating systems, processes and their scheduling, the implementation of threads and memory management strategies including the use of virtual memory.

For your assessment you are required to fully describe the implementation of these theories in a Windows 10 operating system taking care to explain why particular choices are made.

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How Processes Work in Windows 10 Operating System
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You are expected to link each theoretical aspect of operating system design to its practical implementation within that operating system.
It is expected that your report will be properly constructed and presented including headers, diagrams, attributions, etc.
Marking Scheme
You will be marked according to the following schedule. In each case you will be expected to relate the theory of the aspect of operating systems stated to its practical implementation withing the specified operating system.
Overall Design of the Operating System (5)
Processes (6)
Scheduling (6)
Threads (6)
Memory Management (6)
Virtual Memory (6)
Report layout, referencing, etc. (5)