Process of Human Reproduction

More broadly, these cases have raised basic questions regarding the morality of intervening so directly in the process of human reproduction, including whether individuals are harmed or helped by having access to such technologies. Those who favor the new reproductive technologies argue that the technologies give couples greater control over their destinies. Those who oppose the new technologies, on the other hand, argue that these technologies seduce couples into spending enormous amounts of time and money in a usually futile effort to have children who share their genes rather than finding other ways (such as adoption) to create meaningful lives for themselves.

More recently, increasing use of in vitro fertilization and related technologies has contributed to a rise in women carrying multiple fetuses and consequently to an increase in premature births. Around 10% of U.S. babies are now born prematurely (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018b).

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Process of Human Reproduction
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When a woman learns she is carrying multiple fetuses, she (and her partner, if she has one) must decide either to abort some of the fetuses or to risk having twins, triplets, or even octuplets. Regardless of their previous feelings on abortion, deciding to abort is difficult for anyone who has struggled to have a child.