Problem/knowledge gap in healthcare

Assignment #1: Problem Statement & Knowledge Gap

Purpose/Objectives: Develop the skills to identify and define a problem/knowledge gap in

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Problem/knowledge gap in healthcare
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healthcare. Review the literature to frame the problem within the Biomedical Research

Translational Continuum. Develop a foundation for the development of a knowledge

intervention in order to improve policy, process, operations and/or health outcomes.


There are three main parts to this assignment.

Part I: (2-3 pages double spaced) Identify and describe a problem in healthcare that you would

like to address. Clearly explain the problem and its significance. Use evidence from the

literature to support the background outlining your problem and its significance.


Part II: (see chart template below) Conduct a mini-scoping review in order to further define

the problem and identify knowledge gaps to be addressed. Present your strategy for and results

of your scoping review in the tables as shown below.

Scoping review strategy: Database and Search terms Database Search Terms Additional

Limits Results

Summarize at least 5 (five) articles from your scoping review as per the table below:

Author(s) and Year




Study Design

Outcomes/ Measures/Results

Translational Chasm


Part III: (3-4 pages double spaced) Based on the scoping review, identify the current

knowledge along the Biomedical Research Translational Continuum. Provide justification for

where you think the knowledge is currently present along the translational continuum (e.g. T1-

T4). Explain the following:

(1) How can you use the knowledge where it currently stands within the current translational

chasm to drive change? Briefly describe how you might move knowledge to action.

(2) Identify the knowledge gap. What is the new knowledge need to move along the

translational spectrum? How can you create new knowledge along the translational continuum?

What disciplines and/or stakeholders should be involved?




Technical requirements: Times New Roman or Calibri; 11-12-point font; double-spaced.

Include title page as per format below:

Title of Paper

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for

Course Requirments of HFR 8313


Haile Maile, ABC-D

Doctorate of Health Science Student


Grading Rubric

Section (# points)

Examples of components Points earned


Problem statement Problem and the significance of the problem are clearly identified. Provides supporting evidence as background.



Mini-scoping review

Clearly describes literature search criteria and strategy. Clear presentation of results to include: originating discipline, stakeholders represented in the literature, study design, and outcomes measured.



Knowledge gap Identify the knowledge gap along the Biomedical Research Translational Continuum AND provide justification/explanation.



Quality of Writing

Writing is at a graduate level. Grammatically correct with rare misspellings. Properly cites references, consistent with APA style 7th edition



Point deduction 2-point deduction for every 24 hours past assignment deadline without prior permission for late submission




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