16.) A slot machine has 3 dials. Each dial has 40 positions, two of which are “Jackpot.” To win the jackpot, all three dials must be in the “Jackpot” position. Assuming each play spins the dials and stops each independently and randomly, what are the odds of one play winning the jackpot?


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17.) Database A contains 40 data items and is made up with an equal number of the values of 0 and 100 and has a mean of 50. Database B also has 40 entries made up equally of the values 49 and51 and also has a mean of 50. Which database will have the smaller value for its standard deviation?


18.) Using a standard six-sided die, Janice rolled either a 2 or a 5on the last 6 rolls of the die. What is the probability of Janice rolling a 2or a 5 on her 7th toss of the die?


19.) A bag of the same size small balls contains 6 blue balls, 5 red balls, 5 yellow balls, and 4 green balls. What is the probability of selecting a blue or green ball on the first draw?


20.) In any given year, a factory has a 10% probability of having a serious accident. About every how many years might the factory expect to have an accident?