Private Reprimand

(a) Private Reprimand. In cases where there has been an ethics violation but the violation did not cause serious personal and/or professional harm, an educative letter concerning the violation, including any stipulated conditions of redress, may be sent to the complainee. Failure to comply with stipulated conditions of redress in a reprimand may result in the imposition of a more severe sanction.

(b) Public Reprimand. Where COPE determines that the seriousness of the violation warrants more than a private reprimand, it may direct that a copy of the letter of reprimand be made public in an appropriate manner.

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Private Reprimand
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(c) Denial of Privileges. In appropriate cases, COPE may determine that a complainee shall be denied one or more of the privileges of ASA membership and/or the opportunity to participate in ASA-sponsored activities including but not limited to appointment to the editorial boards of any ASA publications, election or appointment to any ASA offices and committees, receipt of any ASA awards, publishing in or serving as an editor of one or more ASA-sponsored journals, presenting a paper or otherwise participating at one or more meetings sponsored by the ASA, or receiving research or scholarship assistance from any program sponsored by the ASA.

(d) Termination of Membership. In cases where there has been an ethics violation and the violation caused serious personal and/or professional harm, the ASA membership of the complainee may be terminated for a period to be determined by COPE. Eligibility to renew membership at the expiration of this period may be automatic or may be conditioned on a future determination by COPE that eligibility is appropriate.