Prion disease – Kuru (people eating people)

Prion disease – Kuru (people eating people)
CTE – Brain Problems and tackle football before 12
CTE – NFL Brains
Lewy body disease (Robin Williams)
Huntington’s Disease (Nancy Wexler)
Alzheimer’s (Glen Campbell)
I apologize that the pages are in reverse order, but please read one article and answer the following questions:

Using your textbook and the article you’ve chosen, how would you describe your selected disorder to a roommate, family member, or friend who has not had psychology courses, but wanted to learn about the disorder?
How can we learn more about this disorder/phenomenon? Please share at least one resource (website, article, external reference) with a brief description of the resource.
Why is this relevant/important?
This assignment should be about one page of information and must have the external source in order to receive full credit.

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Prion disease – Kuru (people eating people)
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