Pre-Brief Activities for Exodus Food Packing


Food insecurity is a national and global public health issue which contributes to numerous negative health outcomes. Healthy People 2030 describes Food insecurity and its’ consequences on this page:

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Pre-Brief Activities for Exodus Food Packing
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The purpose of this activity is to have the student understand the health implications related to food insecurity and to engage in public health interventions to address this issue.

Provide the answers to the following questions according to the link provided below.  The assignment/questions are to be well organized and answered in complete sentences.

Access the website for Exodus World Service here:

Serve in the Chicago Area

PRE-Brief Activity: Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the mission statement for Exodus World Service?
  2. Provide some historical information Exodus World Service.
  3. Describe the meaning of the term “Refugee” and their experience when starting a new life in the United States.
  4. What is Food Insecurity?
  5. What communities are served by the Exodus World Service- Chicago?
  6. What type of individuals/families do you believe are encountered when food is delivered to the homes by the volunteers?

** The PRE-Brief activity is due to be completed BEFORE your scheduled service date (due date determined by clinical instructor).

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