Potassium Batteries Aerogel

Project Proposal
Title of the Project:
The title of the project should reflect the content of the project.

Name(s) of Participants:
State clearly the objectives of the project. (Present brief background of the existing problem to
be solved in the development of new materials or improvement on existing materials).
If you are planning to conduct an experiment, outline the materials, equipment used and
procedure for the experiment as well as the particular laboratory you used.
If you are revising latest achievements in materials science based on two or three publications,
analyze the shortcomings of the article and suggest possible improvement.
Include Methods of Manufacturing and compare estimated costs where applicable.
Provide References. Literature cited should be arranged alphabetically by the author’s surname.
Authors of article. Year. Title. Name of journal. Volume number (issue number), pages.

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Potassium Batteries Aerogel
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