Possible Ramifications

Failure to comply with the organizational policy will attract numerous ramifications that will affect both the employee and the organization at different intervals. The first ramification is that the organization will have to face lawsuits for confidentiality breach agreement with the employees. The business owner will be forced to compensate for damages committed after the employee’s identity was stolen, involving large sums depending on the data disclosed. Hacking information revealing the company’s trade secrets by a competitor will cost the organization a lot as they will be on the verge of losing revenue and market share. After revealing this type of information to the competitor, the ramification for the employee will attract punitive damages.

Non-compliance consequences extend to the organization’s loss of relationships and clients due to a damaged reputation, which will make it difficult for the organization to establish trust with present and future clients. This is devastating to an organization’s sustainability. On the other hand, the employee who breaches the social engineering policy guideline might be blacklisted, hindering them from securing employment with other organizations. Another consequence for non-compliance for the employees will include employment termination and any other form of provision seeking monetary damages to be executed by the organization, which will affect the liability credibility of the employee both now and in the future. In other scenarios, the policy breach can be severe to attract criminal charges, which leave the employee on the verge of possible ramifications.

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Possible Ramifications
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