Positive and Negative Consequences Of Smartphones

Positive and Negative Consequences Of Smartphones

In today’s school, many students are experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress, and tension – if they discover that they are in a no network area or if their cell battery is running low.  No longer seen as a status symbol, smartphones are now viewed as a necessity.  These phones are our personal assistants, containing our email, our calendar, our activities…our lives.

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Positive and Negative Consequences Of Smartphones
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In this module we will be looking at how smartphones are starting to affect our lives.  We will find out how they affect our eating habits, our sleeping habits, and our relationships.  We will determine what the positive and oftentimes negative consequences can be.

Answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of effect do you feel smartphones have on people’s relationships? Are they able to say things via their phone they could not without?


  1. Do you feel smartphones are affecting people’s sleep? Are they sleeping less because they are using these phones late into the night and early in the morning?


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