Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis

The purposes of this assignment is to help ) understand the concept of social policy from a historical perspective through the analysis of significant legislation to social policy reform; b) develop an awareness of the framework and goals of social service policy and how social policy influences programs; c) develop evaluative skills to assess specific social service programs which reflect policy decisions; and d) To foster an appreciation for analyzing the effects of policy on practice.

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Policy Analysis
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1. Provide the name and wording of the policy (Cite appropriately)

2. What are the goals/ objectives of the policy?

3. Who are the intended beneficiaries of this policy?

4. Are the goals of this policy consistent with your personal values? Why? Why not?

5. What piece of legislation brought forth your policy? ( THIS WOULD NOT BE THE TEXAS HUMAN RESOURCES CODE NOR THE TEXAS FAMILY CODE)

Name of the policy: older American Act

Make use of other resources and this website: www.sos.state.tx.us

Page: 2 pages

APA format

2 references