Point Mutation

1. Compare the difference between a point mutation and a frameshift mutation:

  1. Describe the different      between vertical gene transfer and horizontal gene transfer:
  2. What is conjugation? How can it contribute to antibiotic      resistance in microorganisms?
  3. What is a Healthcare-associated      infection (HAI) or nosocomial infection? How is this different from an iatrogenic      disease? How are these infections?      Contracted?  Give examples of each      type:
  1. Explain and differentiate      between sterilization and commercial sterilization. What organism does commercial      sterilization aim to destroy?
  2. Describe three (3)      different physical methods of controlling microbial growth:
  3. Describe three (3)      different chemical methods of controlling microbial growth:
  4. Briefly summarize the 4 (four) different Biosafety      levels. Give examples of microorganisms studied in each level:
  5. What is the Kirby Bauer      Disc diffusion method? How it is      used to determine antibiotic efficacy?

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Point Mutation
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