Poetry Imitation Assignment

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(POEM IMITATION) Imitate one of the following essays 1)Charlotte Smith, “Written at the Close of Spring” (England, 1783) 2)William Wordsworth, “The World is Too Much with Us” (England, 1807), 3)Pablo Neruda, “Walking Around” (Chile, 1933), Write 250 words reflection. See attached file.

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Poetry Imitation Assignment
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English 2013: World Literature since 1660
Poetry Imitation Assignment
Format: poem imitation and 250-word reflection
Submission: as a Word document by midnight on Monday, September 20 (via Blackboard)
Grading: 100 possible points, 10% of final grade
Description: As we learn about several poetic forms and themes during Unit 1, you will write
your own poem. For this assignment, you will: 1) choose a poem from our readings and note
thematic and/or stylistic elements of interest, 2) compose a poem of your own that imitates those
elements, and 3) write a brief reflection (approximately 250 words) that explains the choices you
made and the challenges you encountered in writing your poem. (Since this is not a creative
writing course, you will not be graded on the quality of your verse; rather, I will pay attention to
how well your changes demonstrate knowledge of the original poem. Your reflection should
highlight this knowledge.) The reflection should be approximately 250 words and may be written
in a colloquial, informal style. Each portion of the assignment should be clearly represented in
the final document, which should appear in double-spaced, 12-point font and be free from errors
and typos. If you use any sources beyond the original poem, please cite them using MLA format.
Rubric (100 points, total):
IMITATION (50 points)
_____/20 How effectively does the poetic imitation reflect themes, forms, and other
elements from the original poem? Are there clear correspondences?
_____/20 Does the author make purposeful choices to reproduce or modify specific aspects?
_____/10 Does the author’s writing make clear whether the adaptation is intended to be
serious or parodic? How does the tone
REFLECTION (40 points)
_____/10 How clearly and thoroughly does the author explain the choices made in poem?
_____/10 Does the author discuss the process of planning, adjusting, and finalizing it?
_____/10 Are specific examples provided and explained in relation to the original poem?
_____/10 Does the author comment on insights and challenges of the writing experience?
PRESENTATION (10 points)
_____/5 Is the text generally free from grammar, spelling, and typographical errors?
_____/5 Does the document correctly cite the poem and any additional sources?
TOTAL: _____/100