PLAY – (1000 Words approx.)
Describe different types of play. Link each type of play with a relevant theory of play.
Refer to the following types of play
• Vigorous
• Technology
• Language/books
• Games
Each theory should be explained. Possible theories are listed below.
Cognitive Theory
• Bruner and Vygotsky- Socio Cultural/ Social Learning Theory
• Piaget: Constructivist Theory.
Behaviourist Theory
• Pavlov: Classical Conditioning
• Skinner: Operant Conditioning
Play Theory
• Tina Bruce: Free Flow Play
• Corrinne Hutt: Metal Box Experiment (Curiosity, Exploration, Manipulation)
• Kathy Sylva: Simple vs Complex Play
• Sturrock and Else: Play Cycle
• Bob Hughes: Playwork
Sources are linked below.
Book – Evolutionary Playwork by Bob Hughes

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