Planning and Providing Special Education Services

When it comes planning and providing special education services for a student with

emotional and behavioral disability it is important to look at the needs of the student. Early

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Planning and Providing Special Education Services
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intervention is always important. When the disability is identified, intervention planning should

begin. By planning early, the student will be more likely to be successful. An IEP is beneficial to

students with emotional and behavioral disability. The IEP will outline and describe the services

and needs of the student. The IEP will also outline accommodations the student will need within

the classroom. Any related services outside of academics will also be included in the IEP, such as

speech and occupational therapy. Special classroom or school accommodations are needed they

also will be outlined in the IEP. For example, special accommodation when testing. For example,

placement in an inclusion classroom with like peers if the impairment is severe to be placed

withing a general education classroom.