This week’s assignment will be structured around some online reading and viewing, followed by participation in an online discussion on our course website.

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The current historical geography topics we are exploring are hopefully reinforcing the idea that British Columbia has an unsavory colonial past, which is consistent with other colonial geographies at that time. As our communities, our province and our country as a whole moves towards taking responsibility for past wrongs we collectively move towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Part of this reconciliation can involve formalizing Indigenous decolonization. This can happen in our public systems like education and health care, but it can also happen in the way that we manage our land or even how we refer to places of importance to us. We will focus on the last of those topics in this week`s assignment.


Colonization and its legacies have had a lasting impact on Indigenous identity. Conversely, decolonization is the process where those who were most impacted by colonial expansion and cultural assimilation begin to reclaim their Indigenous identity.


To do well on this assignment, you will need to do the background reading/viewing, actively participate on the discussion board throughout the week and write thoughtfully, critically and in your own words.

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