Physical Environment and Quality of Care

The physical environment is of particular importance for supporting activities and interactions among older people living in residential care facilities (RCFs) who spend most of their time inside the facility. More knowledge is needed regarding the complex relationships between older people and environmental aspects in long-term care  (Nording et al., 2017) .

· Considering the statement above, discuss the complex relationship between physical environment and quality of care of residents.

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Physical Environment and Quality of Care
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In your research and discussions include the following:

· Importance of hospital physical environment and designs in health care

· How does the physical environment improve patient care? Give examples.

· What are the barriers to a decent physical environment and facility designs?

· How do environmental features engender human responses that improve safety-related outcomes?

· Healthcare Associated Infections

· Reduction in staff stress and fatigue

· Increase overall effectiveness in delivering care.

· Improve patient falls and safety.

· Improve overall healthcare quality.