Physical Education: Therapeutic Recreation

Text: “Therapeutic Recreation: Processes & Techniques” David Austin 7th Ed. 2013 ISBN: 978-1-57167-751-8 ASSIGNMENTS I. In-service Manual You are to satisfactorily complete an “in-service” training manual on a specific technique or process. The manual will be developed along the following guidelines. (Headings must appear in the manual as they are in this outline. 1) Title page 2) Purpose statement: Why do an in-service? 3) Description of the process or technique See (A) through (H) 4) Method of presentation: group; demonstration, practice, etc. 5) Presentation of the process or technique a) This will involve a complete rational for the use with a specific population b) How it will be implemented within the existing program c) Who is to be implementation (qualifications, training, etc.) d) Expected outcome of this process or technique e) How it will improve the quality of care f) Evaluation component; How can the success of this technique be measured in the behavioral outcomes? (What are the outcome measures that are observable and measurable?) List 5 to 6. g) Feasibility of use within your facility (If you do not work in a facility make one up) h) How it compliments the role of Therapeutic Recreation within your agency i) References (documentation) **I want this presented in such a way that an individual who knew nothing about the process or technique could be competent to implement it upon completion of your inservice training program. Therefore you will need to develop a list of competencies needed for this inservice training program and a method of evaluating their acquisition. II. Answer assigned questions at the end of each unit.

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