Physical Characteristics

You didn’t choose your birth, your eye color, the natural color of your hair, or your height, but people

spend millions every year trying to change their physical characteristics. You can get colored contacts; dye

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Physical Characteristics
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your hair; and if you are shorter than you’d like to be, buy shoes to raise your stature a couple of inches.

You won’t be able to change your birth, and no matter how much you stoop to appear shorter, you won’t

change your height until time and age gradually makes itself apparent. If you are tall, you might find the

correct shoe size, pant length, or even the length of mattress a challenge, but there are rewards. Have you

ever heard that taller people get paid more? [8] There is some truth to that idea. There is also some truth to


the notion that people prefer symmetrical faces (where both sides are equal) over asymmetrical faces

(with unequal sides; like a crooked nose or having one eye or ear slightly higher than the other). [9]


We often make judgments about a person’s personality or behavior based on physical characteristics, and

researchers are quick to note that those judgments are often inaccurate. [10], [11] Regardless of your eye or

hair color, or even how tall you are, being comfortable with yourself is an important part of your

presentation. Act naturally and consider aspects of your presentation you can control in order to

maximize a positive image for the audience.