Physical Access Controls

Assignment Content

  1. This week, you will continue building the components of your business requirements document for Hollywood Organic Co-op. In the previous weeks, you have identified the types of data, standards, and policies required for a new EDMS. This week, you determine how to electronically move data around in an EDMS and determine the physical and environmental security requirements.

    Write a 2- to 4-page evaluation of the implementation of physical and environmental controls for the new EDMS. Include the following:

    • How to control access to a document at each stage of its life cycle
    • How to move documents within the organization as team members contribute to document creation, review, approval, publication, and disposition
    • Physical and environmental security controls that must be implemented to protect the data and systems for Hollywood Organic Co-op’s five locations, including for the identification, authentication, and restriction of users to authorized functions and data
    • Format citations according to APA guidelines.
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Physical Access Controls
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