Personality Traits on Professionals

As you are aware, life is full of relationships. We consistently interact with individuals who may need to guide us, provide advice, or provide services. Some people achieve success in their field because they possess personality traits that align in ways that work for them and others. Understanding how a person in a certain profession may display personality traits (e.g., the doctor you choose to deliver your baby, the mechanic who changes your brakes, or the teacher you learn from) can help you achieve your goals as you move forward in life.

Looking for traits in people is a practice that, in conjunction with what you have already learned about personality, will allow you to better understand people and how people interact in the world. It also opens your mind to personality traits and qualities you may have been previously unaware of, or even misinformed about, but now understand. This can help with day-to-day interpersonal interactions in the world. It could also help with preconceived notions, which may have hindered or separated us from others. Learning and understanding all levels of personality will only help us interact while being different.

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Personality Traits on Professionals
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For this assignment, you will consider different professions and the role that personality traits might have on professionals in that field. These are the types of relationships between professions, professionals, personality traits, and potential stress in the workplace that you will be exploring in this assignment. An example, using the role of a lawyer, has been provided for each criterion in the prompt below. This milestone prepares you for Project Two, due in Module Seven.


  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Mental health professional
  • Teacher
  • Customer service representative
  • Political figure
  • Business owner
  • Police officer