Personality and Dealing with Stress

In the required readings (Harris, Ch 10 and 11; Martinussen and Hunter, Ch 8), the authors
discuss the many aspects of stress, personality types, and mechanisms for dealing with stress.
Your task for this written assignment is to:
• Research available literature and accident reports to find a stress-related
aviation/aerospace accident. Summarize the events of the accident, the stressors
involved (as determined by the accident investigation), and, in hindsight, what might
have been done to prevent this accident.
• Using this information, discuss the aspects of your own personality that you feel allow
you to cope well with stress, and any areas you feel may get in the way of your ability to
Make sure to attach a copy of the accident report that was used to write your paper.
Provide at least three scholarly sources to support your research. Submit your paper using
APA format.

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Personality and Dealing with Stress
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