Personal Values Survey

To prepare for this assignment, complete the Personal Values Survey “see attachment”.

• After taking the Personal Values Survey and reflecting on your results, determine the three character traits for which you scored highest.
• Then, rephrase them as values that are relevant to you in your professional and personal life. For instance, if one of your strongest character traits is “critical thinking,” your value statement might be: “I value thinking critically about situations in my life.”
• For each of your top three values, identify three principles that emanate from each one (you will have a total of nine principles). For instance, if your value statement is “I value thinking critically about situations in my life,” your principle might be: “It is important to fully understand a situation before making a decision.”
• Finally, create a goal that aligns with a principle you have identified. For example, if your principle is, “It is important to fully understand a situation before making a decision,” then your goal might be: “Evaluate career opportunities in my city.”
With these thoughts in mind:

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Personal Values Survey
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• Share your top three values and one principle for each of your top three values. For each principle you have listed, explain to your colleagues why you chose it and what it means to you.
• Share a goal you have developed that is based on one of your principles. Provide a rationale for why the goal you identified is important and how the underlying principle will help you achieve your goal.
Finally, based on your experience or observations, share what types of challenges you expect and how you might address those so that you can achieve your goal.

• APA 7th editions
• No plagiarism

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