Personal Education History

Personal Education History Project


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Personal Education History
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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X


Introduction: Your personal education history should chronicle the span of your education history. The primary goal of this assignment is to explore your own education and see how it has impacted your learning. You will create a timeline paralleling your significant education events with significant events in your life(outside of school).


To gather information, you might conduct an interview with parents, grandparents, or former teachers; or you might reflect on your memories about learning to read and write including successes as well as struggles during your elementary school, middle school, high school, and previous college experiences.


This assignment will be completed in FOUR parts- you must turn in all four parts to get full credit for the assignment.


Part 1: Important education events list – For this part of the project you will create a list of all the “big” “important” events that have happened to you in education. Some examples could include: When you first learned to read, the first essay you wrote, the first time a teacher complimented your work, moving schools, being suspended etc.

Make a list of every literacy experience you can think of that has influenced you to become the educated individual you are. The list should include both “positive” and “negative” experiences and contain approximately 20-30 experiences from your earliest memories to the present. Please mention or include books or texts that have had a major impact on your education including digital writing. Use every available resource. For example, you should interview your parents, grandparents, siblings, and former teachers. Look through saved school papers, report cards, or yearbooks to help trigger your memory. Talk with friends with whom you still have contact that were in your neighborhood or classes in school. Think about the books or stories you read, or wrote, as a child and the experiences surrounding those memories. Think about the type of reading you like to do now. Classes you enjoyed, and those you hated! Please be as open and honest as possible and include anything that comes to mind. This list is a necessary step to the success of your learning and to the success of your project.


Part 2: Timeline- Create a timeline of your events. Begin your timeline with your birth and continue on until present day, adding all 20-30 education experiences; be detailed, as well as the important life events that happened outside of school! Your timeline should include positive and negative experiences and should represent who you are today because of your education history.


Part 3: Visual representation of your timeline- Make an iconic representation or a symbol, image, meme etc. (anything you can think of which properly represents each of these experiences.) Be creative! You have three choices for how you can put this information together.

1. Create a Prezi of your timeline

2. Create a video using Adobe Spark

3. Create a slides presentation


Part 4: Reflection- Finally, you will write a one and a half to two page Personal Reflection Essay in which you reflect on how your education history has led you to where you are today. Do a quality job; focus the majority of your energy into developing a true reflection of who you are today as a student and how your education has affected your life goals and career aspirations?


Consider the following questions when developing your personal literacy history reflection- you DO NOT have to answer all (or any of these) they are merely here to help guide you:

1. How have positive experiences with education shaped you?

2. How have the negative ones also shaped you or your view of education?

3. How have teachers, positive or negative, affected your education?

4. How have the events in your life, outside of school, affected your education?

5. How have your goals/dreams changed throughout your education?

6. What are some connections you have made between your education and where you are today?

7. What are some things that you have learned about yourself through this project?

8. Looking ahead, what are some goals you now have after reflecting on your past education experiences?

9. If you could give advice to your younger self what would you say about education and where it has taken you?