Personal Career Assessment

· Examine your own vocational/career development (past and present). What were your earliest career aspirations that have informed your path (short section).

· What is the path leading to your current career aspirations (were their major turning points in your career; what were the moments of confusion along with the moments of joy and clarity related to career development; who or what helped you along the way; has anything hindered your progress; how did your cultural background (e.g., gender, ethnicity/race, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, parent education level, geographic location, physical abilities) affect your career development?

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Personal Career Assessment
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· Integrate and interpret career assessment results (at minimum Strong Interest Inventory).

· Based on the assessment results and your own personal career experiences, identify and apply two career theories related to your career development and goals. The report is designed for you to articulate your career development within a theoretical perspective using empirical data.