Personal Behavior Change Intervention Planning and Evaluation

What is the personal health behavior you aim to change?


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Personal Behavior Change Intervention Planning and Evaluation
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Which planning model (s) would you use and why?



Describe the specific steps you will undertake during the needs assessment process for this intervention.

Who are some key stakeholders you need to consider when planning your intervention? What are the strategies you would use to identify these stakeholders and build partnerships for the purpose of the intervention?


What are your SMART objectives for the intervention?


Describe your timeline for implementing your intervention. Do not forget to include your evaluation strategies.


What specific activities will be included in your intervention program?


Which types of evaluations will you conduct for this program (formative, process, outcome and/or impact)?


To carry out these evaluations, would you choose quantitative and/or quantitative data collection methods and why?



Describe your evaluation plan in terms of study design (experimental, quasi-experimental or non-experimental).



Briefly describe how you plan to disseminate the results of your intervention.

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