Person and Family Centered Care

1) Define person centered care.

2) Discuss practices associated with person centered care.

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 Person and Family Centered Care
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3) Analyze the relationship of informed risk with patient centered care, 4) Consider ethical principles associated with person centered care.

· Patients and families living with chronic illness need professionals to listen and understand their illness experience.

· The  Code of Ethics for Nurses requires nurses to consider individual value systems and beliefs of individuals when planning care.

· Nursing – both as an art and a science – has a strong ‘fit’ for caring for persons and families with chronic illness.

· Patients and families need understandable information so they can make informed decisions.

· It is critical that healthcare professionals strive to understand the patient and family perception of their situation, as those perceptions are important when developing a plan of care.

· Ethical dilemmas are not uncommon in chronic illness situations.