PERIE Model Handout

Review the PERIE model and process

Complete each of the following steps for your public health issue (cardiovascular disease)

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PERIE Model Handout
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  • Summarize your findings pertaining to cardiovascular disease
  • Explain epidemiology and its relationship to public health.
  • Describe the issue or disease.
  • Identify the underlying nature and cause of the issue or disease.
  • Analyze the uses and effects of demographic data, surveillance data, and vital statistics in public and community health.
  • Identify the demographics and effect of the issue or disease on the community.
  • Determine if the effects cross from community to state or national levels.
  • Analyze possible solutions for the issue or disease selected.
  • Identify possible solutions.
  • Explain how successful the solutions were.
  • Determine additional suggestions for treatment or resolution.
  • Include how the model served as a guide to understand the cause.

Cite 4 references

Citations and references must follow APA format

This assignment is a handout, not an essay. Short, brief, and to the point if possible. Content must fit on 1- 2 pages.

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