You recently discovered that the employee (Mary) that was supposed to be overseeing HR policies and making sure each employee receives an annual performance appraisal, has not been performing her job well over the last two years. Mary reminded managers to complete the appraisals a few times but when the managers did not comply or became busy with other work, Mary simply moved on to other work herself rather than “get the managers in trouble.”

You just learned that 50 employees have not received a performance appraisal in over two years. Taking into consideration what you have learned about motivation in the module, pretend you are tasked with coaching Mary on this issue. Your intention is not to fire Mary in this conversation but to educate her on the importance of performance appraisals beyond just “it’s necessary paper work and it is part of your job to oversee it.” Why is this task important? What are the potential ramifications of neglecting the appraisal process? What are the benefits of actively engaging in the performance appraisal process for all involved?

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Be sure to include direct references to theories covered in the module to support your ideas as well as personal examples where appropriate.

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