Performance Management

“Performance management is the process an organization uses to motivate, measure, and develop performance of its individuals and teams to support the organization’s goals and objectives.” (Stange, n.d)

When correctly used Performance management systems can be quite effective. The most common and well known are the Personal Improvement Plans (PIP). These are what most companies use to gauge an employee’s overall (KSA’s) – Knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as their plans to grow with in the organization and improve strengths and weaknesses. Learning where an individual is professionally within their department short term and long term can be very beneficial. Knowing an employee would like to better their time management and organizational skills, but they are great at communication helps to develop a plan to move towards that growth in whatever area they are looking to strengthen.

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Performance Management
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These plans lay out the annual Initiatives for the employee for their short- and long-term goals. Where they would like to be by the end of the year and where they see themselves fully evolving in the organization. If they would like to move up the ladder and be a potentail candidate for management. These plans give a good foundation and strategy on how the employee can reach their goals and how management can support and assist. This is also great to provide any additional training that may be needed and/or requested.

The only thing I have ever been weary of with these plans, are when those in leadership may not be the most reliable to up hold such tasks. These plans usually assist HR and management with annual bonues and merit increases. If you do not have the right individual scaling employees, you may get some unwanted backlash and/or negative behavior and possibly the reason for loss of employees. Emotions are usually high during these periods, best they are handled as professional as possible.

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